Magsaysay is committed to both serving the Filipino seafarer, while upholding their health and wellness, as well as that of their families. Its offices in Manila remain open for all transactions, while implementing strict measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Security personnel at all office entrances are equipped with thermal scanners to monitor every person’s body temperature, as well as alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Meanwhile, elevator buttons are covered with plastic sheets so that maintenance personnel can easily clean it with disinfecting agents. 

Personal hygiene remains the most effective way to combat COVID-19, which is why Magsaysay ensures that every toilet has soap and running water, as well as instructional posters on how to wash your hands properly. 

Seafarers, employees, and guests are also encouraged to do their part by: 

  1. Regularly monitoring themselves for symptoms of the virus
  2. Avoiding crowded places unless absolutely necessary
  3. Constantly cleaning your hands  
  4. Strengthening their immune system
  5. Practicing social distance in public
  6. Wearing face masks properly (if and when necessary)