The smiles on the faces of at least 140 children, wives, husbands, and parents have been restored, as their loved-ones are currently sailing home to them after being stranded for weeks in Metro Manila.

No more anxious waiting: 140 families can now smile and breathe a sigh of relief as their loved-ones are now sailing home to them after weeks of being stranded in Metro Manila. A total of 140 Magsaysay People (MPs), who were working in various cruise ships and cargo vessels before the ongoing pandemic, part of the first batch of seafarers who are returning back to their hometowns in the Visayas and Mindanao last April 26.

Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC), alongside various shipping principals and the Philippine government, worked tirelessly to bring the MPs home despite many challenges, including the ongoing community quarantine in Metro Manila and the travel ban. Before their departure, the crew members were subjected to rapid-testing procedures by the Bureau of Quarantine at the Magsaysay building in T.M Kalaw, Manila, to ensure that they do not pose any harm to their loved-ones.

After the MPs disembarked on the ports of Cebu, Dumaguete, Iligan, and Zamboanga, Magsaysay and its principals will continuously work together in ensuring the safety and welfare of its crew and their families.