With the conclusion of the 14-day guest quarantine period imposed by the Japanese Ministry of Health–the lead authority on the quarantine protocols, medical disembarkation, testing and treatment of the Coronavirus on the Diamond Princess, we are expecting the repatriation of Filipino crew members back to the Philippines on Sunday the 23rd, February 2020.

Disembarkation protocols and repatriation plans are being coordinated between the Japanese Ministry of Health of Japan, Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippine Embassy, and the Department of Health, alongside an Inter Agency Task Force.

As advised by the DOH, all the crew members will be staying for 14 days in a quarantine facility identified by the Inter Agency Task Force. This is to ensure Filipino crew members are free of the virus before rejoining their families.

Magsaysay will continue to engage with the families of the crew members. This includes facilitation of an orientation on COVID-19 prevention in collaboration with DOH.

Magsaysay team will also orient the immediate family members on the quarantine process and conduct a reintegration session in cooperation with OWWA

All crew members will continue to be compensated during the quarantine period and that they will receive two months of paid time off after release from quarantine per Princess Cruises.