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The COVID-19 pandemic, a defining global health crisis of this generation, has changed and affected the lives of billions of people around the world. This has also stirred feelings of fear and anxiety, thus challenging the mental health of many.
Seafarers are not free from these mental concerns, as they are highly-exposed to the stressors brought by the coronavirus such as repatriation issues, the feeling of the unknown, the anxiety of contracting the virus, and challenges in the shipping industry worldwide, among others.
Acknowledging the vulnerability of seafarers during this difficult time, Magsaysay continues to promote maintaining good mental health condition and building resilience amid the war against COVID-19. In coordination with our partner principals, we provide our seafarers with relevant information, education, and communication materials on health and wellness such as managing stress and anxiety, staying positive amid the crisis, and boosting the immune system. This month, Marine Media Enterprises has expressed support in sharing their video, entitled CORONAVIRUS-Mental Resilience On Board, to our crew members to help them in tempering their mindset to fight the fatigue on board.
Communication also plays a vital role in keeping each other fit, in mind and body, as we continue to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Though it is required to physically distance ourselves from each other, there are various ways to let others feel our presence and support.
Through our Buddy System program, we maintain constant communication with our seafaring teammates. This helps us in making our crew members feel that they are not alone in this battle and that we are here for them. Our messaging communities have been our crew members' direct line to us, where they can ask questions and raise concerns, from the time the community quarantine was implemented.
Amidst this unprecedented crisis, Magsaysay continues to resonate its value of "We Care" to its people. Let us win this battle as one family by taking good care of ourselves, physically and mentally, and looking after each other.